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Average Teacher Salaries in Minnesota and the Nation: Interactive Map

Minnesota secondary teachers have an average wage of $62,590 plus benefits. (Average annual wages for secondary school teachers, except special and career/technical education, May 2017.)

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Listen to Kim Crockett & Rookie discuss EducatedTeachersMN on the radio

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National Teacher Appreciation Day: Thank you, teachers!

National Teacher Appreciation Week kicked off yesterday, but the biggest day for educators is today, May 8, as National Teacher Appreciation Day. On this day, students, parents, and communities around the country get to celebrate teachers and honor all they do. And while showing our appreciation shouldn’t be limited to this week and day, it’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how teachers and staff go above to help students go beyond.  

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Educated Teachers Project Launches Statewide Information Campaign

A new project being launched on National Teacher Appreciation Day, Educated Teachers MN aims to inform and empower Minnesota K-12 educators by raising awareness of a U.S. Supreme Court case widely expected to end the forced payment of union dues and fees by teachers and other government employees as a condition of employment. Informed and empowered teachers are better suited to serve the needs of students and deserve the freedom to choose who represents them and how.

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Teacher workplace democracy is a great principle, but it’s not put into practice

Workplace democracy is, unfortunately, a short-lived promise to teachers in Minnesota. While teachers’ unions often claim to favor a democratic approach to our public education system, teachers are rendered mute when it comes to choosing their own union. Workplace democracy is a principle, not a practice.

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A Fair Share: Janus v. AFSCME

If the Supreme Court rules in favor of Mark Janus this spring, more than five million public employees in Minnesota and 21 other states won’t be forced to pay "fair share" union fees to keep their jobs. Could it restore civility to Minnesota’s politics and classrooms?

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Teachers’ Union pressures teachers to sign renewal agreement: should you sign?

Has your union asked you to sign a union renewal agreement? Maybe you already signed one. Education Minnesota had forms filled out and waiting for every teacher in the state when they got back to school last fall.

Why is the union being so persistent in reaching out to teachers,…

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Remembering Dr. King: What would he say about K-12 “restorative justice” discipline policies?

What would Dr. King think of the state of public education today? What would he have experienced as a young man if he was in school today? We are asking these questions because in Minnesota, and around the country, school districts, under pressure from the Obama administration, have adopted new student discipline policies. How are the new policies working out for students and teachers?

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St. Paul Teacher Betrayed by Union Brings Message to DC

St. Paul, Minnesota teacher, Aaron Benner, will not sit down.  For years, the 23-year veteran teacher – turned Dean of Students – stood up for what he saw as a flawed school discipline policy which deteriorated his classroom before his eyes.

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