September 13, 2018 at 1:59 pm

Top Concerns of Teachers Answered: Liability Protection & Local Union Donation Option

Minnesota teachers who do not belong to the union

can get affordable liability coverage and support their local union. Here is how. 

Educators in the classroom today are operating in an unpredictable and increasingly chaotic environment. Like all professionals, it is a good idea for teachers to protect themselves with liability coverage.

If you are not a member of Education Minnesota, or are thinking of resigning from the union, there are several teacher associations that offer excellent liability coverage, legal defense coverage, and other protections.


“But won’t the union and my unionized co-workers

accuse me of being a ‘free rider’ and treat me differently?”

Teachers and other school employees cannot choose to only pay dues to their local union. They can, however, opt-out of their union membership and then send voluntary donations to their local rep for collectively bargaining on their behalf.

This is a great way to recognize and thank your local reps for the work they do as the bargaining agent for the union. It also solves the “free rider” problem and keeps the money local.

Teachers are always protected under Minnesota state law. You cannot be fired from your job or penalized for belonging to a union, or not belonging to a union. It is illegal for a school district to discriminate against you for exercising this right. It is also illegal for the union to retaliate or discriminate against employees who exercise their constitutional right not to join or support the union.

We hope this information is helpful!

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