September 27, 2018 at 7:07 pm

It’s Day 4: There are liability coverage options outside of the union

Minnesota teachers want protection against allegations that could threaten their career. And in the wake of the Janus decision, teacher associations want educators to know they have options for excellent liability insurance.

Below are two options to consider; teachers have told us that they also have bids from their home/auto insurance carriers, so you might want to call your agent, as well.

Members of AAE pay $198 per year for a $2 million liability insurance policy, including job protection benefits, legal support, and legal fee coverage.

According to AAE: “Each AAE professional member receives an individual $2,000,000 educator liability insurance policy to cover damages as well defend against claims. Unlike many association policies, AAE’s policy has no group aggregate, each policy is individual and each member is covered for $2,000,000 per claim. In addition, AAE’s policy includes up to $35,000 to protect a member’s teaching license and up to $50,000 to defend a member against criminal sexual misconduct charges, as long as they are found not guilty.”

Here is a helpful chart comparing AAE’s policy and the national teachers’ union policy.

Members of CEAI are insured for $2 million of professional liability coverage for $239 a year. CEAI offers husband/wife educators coverage as a couple for $369 per year. Members also receive legal representation and job protection benefits if they are threatened with a job action such as termination, demotion, involuntary transfer or suspension.

According to CEAI: “The Christian Educators Association International in-dues professional liability plan pays up to $2 million for damages arising from professional liability and employment liability lawsuits, pays defense costs in addition to the liability limit for legal actions arising from professional liability lawsuits, and provides job protection benefits if you are threatened with a job action such as termination, demotion, involuntary transfer or suspension.”

Here is a helpful break-down of CEAI’s coverage plan.

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