Liability Coverage

Educators in the classroom today are operating in an unpredictable and increasingly chaotic environment. Like all professionals, it is a good idea for teachers to protect themselves with liability coverage. If you are not a member of Education Minnesota, or are thinking of resigning from the union, there are associations designed just for teachers that offer liability coverage and other protections. You could also talk to your personal insurance agent for home/auto to see if it offers good coverage for you.


Association of American Educators

AAE provides professional benefits and services to educators, including liability insurance, scholarships and grants, and professional resources.

AAE members receive $2 million in educator liability insurance as well as legal protection, legal fee coverage, job protection benefits, and access to professional development opportunities.

Dental, life, disability, and auto insurance plans are also available through AAE.

Annual membership costs $16.50 a month.

Here is a comparison of AAE’s policy to the NEA’s policy.


Christian Educators Association International

CEAI provides full liability coverage for members as a solution to uncertain or inadequate liability coverage.

CEAI members receive $2 million in professional liability insurance that protects educators from lawsuits. Members also receive legal representation and job protection benefits if they are threatened with a job action such as termination, demotion, involuntary transfer or suspension.

Life, disability and auto and home insurance plans are also available through CEAI.

Annual membership costs $20 a month, and husband/wife educators are offered coverage as a couple for $30.75 a month.

Here is a breakdown of CEAI’s policy.