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Audio of What Teachers Have to Do to Get $30 Back From Education Minnesota

Education Minnesota's refund request hotline details out the complicated process to get a $30 refund.

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Mary Shapiro’s Story

Mary Shapiro, a 35-year Minnesota veteran teacher, remembers a time when belonging to a union meant being part of a “local only” association concerned almost entirely with improving working and learning conditions in her school.

“When I first started teaching, union representation wasn’t political at all. The union’s role was…

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Uff-Da: What teachers must do to get a $30 refund from Education Minnesota for PAC, etc.

Each year Education Minnesota charges teachers $25.00 for its political action committee or “PAC.” There is also a $5 charge for the union’s Educational Foundation, donations to which are not tax deductible. If a teacher wants to get a refund to protect his or her constitutional right not to fund…

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