September 4, 2020 at 5:22 pm

Teacher Truths: You do not have to meet with your local union rep to resign membership

Please share with any educator you may know to help dispel these pesky misconceptions! #TeacherTruths

Minnesota teachers who are choosing to exercise their First Amendment rights and resign from union membership are being told they need to meet with their local union official before they can opt-out.

This meeting is not required under the law, teaching contract, or under the union membership card. Falsely telling teachers that they must with a union rep for “approval” to opt-out  is either a harassing tactic, or maybe the local rep genuinely thinks a meeting is required, or just hopes to change your mind. Your decision to opt-out is a private decision, and you are under no obligation to meet with anyone to discuss your decision.

There is nothing the union can do if you resign without a meeting. If the union persists and does not acknowledge your resignation letter, please email Educated Teachers MN and let us know.

If you follow this easy step-by-step guide that will appear after you generate your opt-out letter, your resignation should be effective October 1. To avoid arguments with the union, get your letter to Education Minnesota postmarked by September 30, and email the letter to the state union and your local union so you have a dated receipt.

As a nonmember, there are excellent liability insurance options that offer double the coverage of the union’s plan for far less than the cost of dues. All your other important benefits such as health care and your pension come from your employer, not the union. And because the won fought to be the exclusive representative at your school, you will be covered by the union contract. You also cannot be treated differently by your employer or your union. It is the law.


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Please share with any educator you may know to help dispel these pesky misconceptions! #TeacherTruths

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